Porthcurno towards Logan Rock © Chris Yeomans (2019)

A Review of the Geology and Mineralisation of SW England

I have included some pages below about the geology of SW England and its mineraliation. These pages represent the literature review I compiled during my PhD studies. My full thesis can be downloaded from the University of Exeter’s online repository Open Research Exeter.

Rhenohercynian Tectonic Framework

Relationships with the trans-European Rhenohercynian Zone

Devonian-Carboniferous Sedimentary Basins

Sedimentation on the passive margin

Variscan Tectonics

Devonian-Carboniferous collision

Permian Magmatism

The construction of the Cornubian Batholith

Mineralisation in SW England

The formation of a world-class tin-tungsten orefield

Cenozoic Reactivation

Cenozoic strike-slip tectonics